Saskia is 14 years old. She is pestered and bullied frequently at school, which often makes her feel quite lonely. At home, she sits at the computer for hours on end playing violent video games, which gives her rest and consolation.

Sanne, 16 years old, writes her loneliness out of her system by publishing her poetry on the Internet. The reactions give her comfort and relief. She met her new boyfriend through the web.

Samantha was raped at the age of 15 and draws strength from giving advice to other girls about love and sex on Internet forums.

Debbie and Inge both lost their mothers to breast cancer. They met online and have sent each other hundreds of e-mails ever since.

Zineb chats with her family in Algeria and with friends who understand what it is like to wait for a decision regarding a residence permit.

For all these girls, the Internet is a safe haven where they can be themselves without fear. The computer is their ‘daily food’. They submerge themselves in a virtual world that became more important than the ordinary one. For most of them the virtual word ís their real world.

Emoticons shows a group of ‘lost souls’ who are all in search for contact, consolation, help, friendship and love. Soulmates by the Internet.

girl at computer